Peace be me…


The driving of YOU,
Speaking of peace,
A healing for the masses.

I was confronted with a real issue recently that I was afraid to share initially in this post because of the nature of the topic but in keeping with the now I wanted to share my thoughts and internal happenings with you. The topic of exploration today is one of race. I know that horrific things still happen in this day and age to people because of the colour of their skin and that really saddens me because we are all human with heart and feelings no matter what we look like on the outside.

As a person of Chinese origin growing up and living in a predominantly Caucasian society, it is an issue I have faced from time to time throughout my life. I have been very lucky that any racist incidents have been few and far between and my encounters with them have been the odd word or remark from people just being plain ignorant. They have had no lasting damage on me or any damage for that matter.

I had not thought about this for a very long time and nothing has happened for many many years… until now. I was walking down the street when a group of teenagers walked past. One of them thought it would be funny and smart to circle around me and repeatedly say the words “nǐ hǎo” (Hello in Mandarin) and walked off. My initial reaction was to swear and tell this person to ‘get a f**kin life’. I also felt like saying ‘while you’re at it go and learn some proper Chinese’. I figure if you’re going to do this to someone at least get the right Chinese language and hence the ignorance.

I took a deep breath and carried on walking to where I was headed. It wasn’t until I went home that evening I thought about what happened earlier and I realised what an opportunity I had to effect change, at least within my own life. I’m glad I didn’t act on my initial reaction because that would have been sending out the same energy as what was being directed at me which in turn would have resulted in more of what I don’t want.

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”
(Albert Einstein)

I decided instead to send out thoughts of love and compassion for the person that did what they did. It wasn’t about condoning the behaviour by any means but looking beyond it and seeing the behaviour as an expression of the part of this person that hasn’t yet healed. As I did this, I felt a wave of calm and peace over my entire body and that made me smile. In a way the incident was a gift because it was my opportunity to be more loving and compassionate in a situation that was very much the opposite. It also gave me something to write about which was a bonus. It is my way of not walking away like I have over the years and have a voice so for that I am very thankful.

It is so easy to hate and yes there are so many good reasons to warrant it but as Gandhi put it, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world.’ I believe peace is the way forward and love will show us the way. Each person matters. We are all part of the collective and in this Life together. That is both precious and beautiful so let’s walk lovingly hand-in-hand no matter what is on the outside.

Thank you for reading.

Love and light,


The Potato Couch Syndrome?


There is purpose in the finding…
No corner untouched,
No places unturned,
The beating of the heart
pumps energy to life,
Bringing reasons to live,
Let it be known
the visions it holds.

Do you ever ask yourself what your life is for or why you were put on this planet? Do you ever wonder through the challenges if it will ever get any better? Will it be any different? Will the tide turn again? Will love ever find me?

So many questions left unanswered or are they?

Things are never as they seem and if we examine them closely, there in them lies the truth we have been searching for. If you’re anything like me though, this can lead to more questions but that’s ok. It’s about living the questions. I truly believe that the truths we need to know will always reveal themselves in the moment when we are perfectly ready to accept them into our lives.

I remember hearing Deepak Chopra mentioning in one of his books a few years back about this concept of ‘living the questions.’ When I first heard this, my initial reaction was ‘huh, what the heck is he on about?’ I don’t think this concept started to click with me until last year perhaps. It has helped me to approach my life from a different place and in a state of inquiry and curiosity rather than confusion.

However, for a while I felt out of that state. I was very fortunate though to have a sound healing session from a dear friend of mine on Saturday and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The healing I received from that has carried on throughout the weekend and still is as I write this. I decided to remain as quiet as possible since the session to take in all the energies that I have been receiving and it has put me back in a higher resonance with my body. There is an inner working that IS and always will be love in every form.

Somehow in the paradox of letting go of the need to know the answers, something is occurring and awakening. I feel flickers of excitement and that well, excites me. I am just starting to make connections to things in the last eight years and more for the first time…

It was about eight years ago, to put it bluntly, that the shit hit the fan. And it was a lot of shit. I thought I had gone ass backwards with everything I had worked so hard to achieve but if you ever feel like that in life don’t worry. There is purpose to everything, even shit!! Yes, shit!! When your life goes into what I like to call couch potato mode as a result (or as my friend calls it – potato couch mode – that really is ass backwards!!!), where nothing seems to be happening, the inner working of love is always there. Nothing is ever lost and in the nothing comes everything.

If you are reading this, just know you are a precious child of the Universe. You are so loved and the fact that you are here means something. Always have faith in what IS.

Love and light,

What the Aries are you talking about?!


Welcome to Metaphysical Attraction! I’ve been looking forward to starting this new blog and the moment is finally here. It has taken me by surprise as I had originally intended to start it much later in the year when I felt more ‘ready’ but after attending a recent workshop on self-love I realised why wait. I didn’t know what I was even waiting for. Perhaps it was that elusive perfect moment that might never come. I am usually quite meticulous about the way I do things and for once I thought this was a perfect opportunity to do it differently.

Rather than seek to define this blog and what its contents should be, I have decided to trust in the unfolding of NOW and let it be a loving place for creative expression. I have been journaling constantly for the last five years and it is by being on the page of self-discovery, putting pen to paper (and sometimes the clicking of the keyboard keys of my computer) I discovered how much I love to write. This for sure was an unexpected unfolding in my life and an opening doorway to the Creative Mind (which by the way has a lot to answer for).

Like I said earlier, I have always been meticulous about things. That is, until this new doorway opened its way up. I am still very organised in a lot of ways but allow myself room to breathe and let loose a lot more often than I used to. Much to the dismay of my closest friends, I’m probably a bit too relaxed these days and stroll in at the last minute for get togethers in my own Lisa way. It’s something we laugh about a lot. Two of my friends in particular will appreciate my reference to this as they are the total opposite to me and always turn up extra early for everything. Funny enough they both happen to be Aries and apparently it is an Aries trait to always turn up extra early. This is not my original star sign but one could say I’ve gone all Aries today by turning up so early for my own blog. Girls, I do try 🙂

What comes next? I can only imagine! That’s all I know is life is too short and too precious to not show up. There is so much joy and passion to BE experienced in a world that would like you to think otherwise. It exists as you and I exist. We are it! I believe wholeheartedly in the potential that lives in each of us. There is an aliveness there that is healing for the ONE. I for ONE am excited by this path of loving consciousness. Let’s vibrate this love to heightened awareness and let it shine brightly for all to see.

Thank you for reading.

Love and light,

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