A tribute to a very special soul…

564175_10151070814847957_887112935_n (1)Meeting Dr Wayne Dyer at the
I Can Do It Conference London 2012

As news spreads across the globe on the passing of a beautiful inspirational soul, I wanted to dedicate today’s post to him. There is no doubt that Dr Wayne Dyer made his mark on the world. His work brought much needed healing and love to help raise the consciousness of humanity. I have loved getting to know his work through the books and audios he created. Although I feel sad about his passing and praying for his loved ones, I also feel so grateful at the same time. He may have made his transition from this life but what he leaves behind will always live on and that is to be celebrated.

“Focus on loving the life you have now with the body you have.”
(Dr Wayne Dyer)

I was very fortunate to have met him three years ago at the I Can Do It conference in London, which was organised by Hay House. I still remember it quite well and where I was in my life. I was still fairly new on my spiritual path and experiencing great hardship in my life. I had a serious illness with no known cure and living in hope that things would get better, which they eventually did.

Being at the conference provided me with the healing energy I needed to carry on towards my path of self-healing even though I didn’t know it at the time. I think it really confirmed what I already knew inside and I made peace with my body despite what I felt physically. I was able to see my body in a new light and I remember feeling goosebumps all over me as I heard Dr Wayne Dyer speak on stage. It was exactly what I needed, along with so many other inspirational speakers that weekend too.

It was an honour to meet Dr Wayne Dyer at the conference. What really stood out for me was the love that he had to give. It radiated from him and I could feel it as he gave me a hug. There was no need for words. The love just resonated in my heart and inspired me beyond words. In that moment I realised this is a human being that really lived the words that he shared with so many of us and that is what I aspire to be in my own life. To give love and to be love is the greatest gift in the world. It is Divine!

Thank you beautiful soul for your loving presence in our lives. I wish you well on your next adventure.

In love and light,











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