The Shift…


Wow, there is very powerful energy in the air. Can you feel it? Since September has arrived something feels different. Not only is the season changing but there is a huge Universal shift that is causing many to rise to the next level. Not all of it is comfortable or even makes sense but beneath the details of our lives I believe the soul is always working towards our Highest Good. Then it’s about learning to let go so we can bring our desires into manifestation.

One cannot know the light without knowing the darkness…

This shift is bringing many endings and a deep need for reflection in my life. I cherish these moments where I can just be and tune into what my soul wants me to know. In the silence there is healing and hope. There is always hope and this has got me through some trying times in my life, most of which I didn’t expect but am grateful for to this day. Without them I wouldn’t be writing to you or be the person that I have become.

What is really helping me right now is to look back in kindness and compassion to the person I used to be and what I have achieved in the overcoming of those trying times. It is not until you have lived through them that you realise how strong you had to be. Just the realisation of that is a strength in itself and to be honoured. So wherever you are in the world and in your journey, please take care of your heart and treasure the person that you are today. You are perfect just as you are.

In love and light,



  1. Writing to Freedom · September 15, 2015

    Congrats on your progress and self-compassion Lisa. I’ve been learning how to be more compassionate and accepting of myself too!

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  2. kethuprofumo · February 9, 2016

    Dear Lisa, there is another good quote it Italian concerning Light and Darkness: ‘Chi sa dal Bene? Chi sa dal Male.’ that is ‘Who knows what Good is? The one who knows what the Bad is.’ They say it belongs to Dante.



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    • Lisa C · February 11, 2016

      That is so profound Maria. Thank you for sharing this quote. Many blessings, Lisa


      • kethuprofumo · February 11, 2016

        You’re welcome, dear Lisa. I’m always happy to see you in my blog))))

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