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Follow your inner calling…


When it comes to manifestation, I have learnt that one of the most important factors is trust. Not only trust in the Universe but also trust in yourself. Without it, life can be a different place and take you to different places.

When life presents an option that may seem impossible at first, know that this is the moment. This is the doorway if you dare to enter… where you will meet YOU.

You will meet with your Greatness.

Let that energy of trust into every area of your life and watch it grow. Let it become a habit that allows room and breath so you may seek what is seeking you.

With the power of faith and trust anything can happen. It is the Way of the World.

In love and light,

8 thoughts on “Follow your inner calling…

  1. Beautiful Lisa! Isn’t it amazing how we sometimes question or forget our trust and faith? We question the energy, the source that brought us here and has been guiding us all along. We don’t see it with our eyes, our mind, so we overlook it and don’t acknowledge it. We think we have control. We really don’t. We need to be present, pay attention and take our next step with trust. Thank you Lisa!

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    1. Thank your Nora for your words of wisdom. Trusting is something I’m learning to do more and more… and to take that next step when the path ahead remains unclear 💕


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