Moving Spaces


In the midst of change, the unmoveable moves.
Always remain calm and listen to the spaces in-between.
It will lead you to the answer that is already in existence.

Things have taken an unexpected turn in my life and it never ceases to amaze me how the Universe always provides, even when we are not actively looking for something. Yet something inside of us always knows and with that energy becomes the attraction of all things metaphysical to bring about our Highest Good.

I have been accepted on a scholarship which I will be dedicating my time to over the next three months. It really is a journey of emergence and connecting with the vibrancy of the non-human world where I will be able to explore within my writing.

The writing scholarship was created in partnership with Uplift Connect so I am excited to delve into this spiritual adventure. It means I will be taking an indefinite break from my blog and writing online for a while. I also have a creative project I would like to start working on after the scholarship that will bring myself and my writing online in a new way so watch this space!

Sometimes in order to create and bring your passions alive it involves letting go and I am willing to take that leap. It brings up a huge level of uncertainty within me but with trust I am taking my next steps in the world.

I will still be posting on my facebook page and will also continue to read other blogs when I can so I won’t be completely offline. Rather than an end, this is a new beginning and I thank you all for being on this journey so far with me.

Have a great week all 🙂

With love and light,



  1. Writing to Freedom · August 7, 2016

    It sounds like fun and a great opportunity Lisa. I hope you enjoy and get the most from this. blessings, Brad

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  2. kethuprofumo · August 7, 2016

    You are as always brilliant! Good luck!

    Maria ))))

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    • Lisa C · August 7, 2016

      Thank you so much Maria. Much love, Lisa


  3. eyespider · August 7, 2016

    This sounds like a wonderful opportunity! UPLIFT looks like it’s part of a great movement toward positivity, connection and healing, which you’ve already started in your own work and sharing. Good luck!

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  4. Deborah Moss · August 7, 2016

    Congrats Lisa & hope this is a wonderful experience for you. Thanks for all you have shared with us & for all the wisdom and light you will undoubtedly share in the future.

    Many blessings!
    Deborah x

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    • Lisa C · August 8, 2016

      Aww thanks Deborah. That means a lot to me. Much love, Lisa

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      • Deborah Moss · September 8, 2016

        Sorry for long delay Lisa – glad to hear that! Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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