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Retrograde Magic

Hello beautiful readers,

This week has seen the introduction of another Mercury Retrograde from the 7th July up until 31st July. I can’t pretend I know what this means in astrological terms with what planets are aligned or not aligned. I only know from previous Mercury Retrogrades that it can turn life topsy turvy and for the people around me. It can be a trying time where things which are not working comes up to test us and see if we’ve really grown or learned our lessons. I don’t know about you but when I know another Mercury Retrograde is coming I think to myself what on Earth has the Universe got in store for me this time. Communications can get disrupted and it’s usually not a good time to start something new.

However, despite some of the negative concepts that come out of a Mercury Retrograde when you read about it, there is also a positive spin and light at the end of the tunnel. This month is a good time for reflection and meditation. It is in those moments we can reach into our soul and find the answers. It can give clues to what we need to be working on or letting go of this month. It is also important during this time to surround yourself with positivity and positive people as you go through it.

I am working on finishing projects which is taking up a lot of my free time and this seems to be making this particular Mercury Retrograde a smoother ride. I am a bit of a procrastinator and it sometimes takes up so much energy. All the times I think about doing something (or rather not doing it), it could be time well spent to actually do something. Can you relate? I made it a commitment this month to finish what I need to finish and it’s going well so far.

When you commit and stick with it, I find that the Universe also steps in to meet you halfway. When you do what you know you need to do it makes room for new things and gives way to new energy. This is the magic of commitment and being true to yourself. It is the beauty that can come out of this Retrograde.

May you find your magic this month and dance with life.


Lisa ♥