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Blue Waters


Troubled waters to touch,
Essence of likeness,
A mirror to truth grows in the heart of courage.

There is so much movement with the turning of tides that brought us the Year of 2020. The number 2020 always makes me think of eye examinations and having perfect vision or at least striving for perfect vision. I anticipated a visionary year with a new decade and new possibilities for living. Somehow things have been swept away by the tides and there is so much uncertainty in the air. Collectively this is the most trying of times in the history of our modern world as we know it. Systems are breaking down, people are breaking down and life as we know it seems gone forever. It feels like a never ending spiral sometimes and not knowing where to turn or what to say or even what to do for the best.

However, whenever there is a breakdown there is also a breakthrough and the bigger the breakdowns, the bigger the breakthroughs. This is the natural cycle of life itself and it can offer us so much if we can tune into the wisdom and find the courage to continue on this turbulent journey. I don’t know what lies ahead and I can’t say I have all the answers. I only have myself and a heart full of courage which wants to keep walking no matter what life wants to throw at me. I think sometimes in life we can feel like we have to have all the answers and to know what comes next but life doesn’t always work out that way as we have seen recently.

“Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life,
because you become what you believe.”
(Oprah Winfrey)

When we go the opticians for our eye examinations, the aim is for that perfect vision. To reach the perfection that is 2020. If we can’t see 2020 clearly, then we may need aids in the forms of contact lenses or glasses. We may need to make several adjustments until we can see where we are walking towards and get it right. To see is a gift but vision goes deeper than what the eyes can see. Having vision is seeing clearly with your heart. It is the lens of truth. It beats and pumps blood around your body. It keeps you alive. It keeps you well. It keeps you into the reality of what you can create which is bigger than our current circumstances. I always have to remember that and not allow current circumstances to dictate my future. Your vision can be what you want it to be. Your life can be what you want it to be and there are plenty of tools out there that can help with this. This will be different for everybody and as they say, variety is the spice of life. The most important thing is to never stop or give up. Always have hope for your beautiful beating heart. You are alive and by being who you are, you gift the world with the sheer presence of You.

Love and blessings,

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Reflections from Kilimanjaro…


View from Barafu Hut 

Last Sunday marks a very special anniversary in which I turned the impossible into possible and reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free standing mountain. I am feeling the energy from the climb as I look back at a challenging but beautiful journey on the mountain. On some level, I still don’t think my mind has fully registered the scale of what I did and I’m not sure if it ever will but I wanted to take a moment to celebrate this achievement. Sometimes in life I think it’s good to take a moment and breathe it all in (no pun intended) and see the light and beauty that is always around us.

There was a time I couldn’t have even comprehended the thought of doing this. It has been a big lesson for me in realising that dreams can come true and life can be better than you could have imagined it to be. It was a huge deal to commit to this climb after just overcoming a serious illness that took over my life for six years. During that time doctors told me there was no hope for a cure and I knew the moment I healed myself from this, I wanted to do something big. I could feel it inside my body calling me near. Little did I know that it would call me to the top of Africa.

What I experienced on the seven day trek turned out to be very representative of my life and what I endured and overcame. The climb forced me to reach into parts of myself that I didn’t know were there. It taught me that there are so many possibilities to life if we remain open and pure to our intentions. It taught me that beauty is in the overcoming and in that overcoming you can access more of who you are and who you have always been.

Faith will take you everywhere….

Despite having support all around me which included a friend that climbed the mountain with me, I still doubted myself constantly. I found the trek a struggle from day one. I was already tired before beginning and started feeling the effects of the altitude early on in the trek. My friend and I decided that we would focus on getting to each camp every day. We would acknowledge our success in reaching each one and this helped quite a lot.

Even so, I think the summit must have been at the back of my mind somewhere. It wasn’t until arriving at Barafu Hut (camp 5) that something shifted for me. The picture I have shared above is the moment I felt this shift. I took the photo with my phone as I sat on a big rock outside our tent in deep contemplation. This was in the early evening right before we were to begin our ascent to the summit (at midnight). The view of the clouds was so phenomenal and I wanted to take it in. I wanted to feel into the experience and soulfully connect.

As I did this a wave of love and appreciation came over me through all of the experiences that brought me to this point. I thought to myself that if I could heal myself from my illness, then I could do this. I finally found the inner strength I needed for the first time in the entire trek. I saw myself on the summit and I kept this image with me during the 7 hour walk towards it.

I wanted to leave you with a poem I wrote during my time of deep contemplation at Barafu Hut. With the spectacular view of the clouds all around me, it inspired my soul to write this and I am so happy to share this moment with you. Here it is:

High, high above the sky
White blankets of hope
Bring hearts to heaven
As Mother Earth smiles
In deepness of faith

High, high above the sky
My strength is found
As I feel my journey
With the grace of love
A divine being that will always be

High, high above the sky
The sun is shining
Lighting my path
As every step
Breathes new possibilities to life

High, high above the sky
Freedom is alive
Kissed in passions
For I am that I am
And I am me

Kili 108 - day 6

The summit of Mount Kilimanjaro
on 9th August 2014

In love and light,

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The courage of being human…


Let the light of you heart shine through,

Let it radiate into your thoughts and actions,

Let it show you who you are.

In the beginning there was nothing. Then it turned into something. The facets of life fills into motion and turns. Which way? Day or night? Light or dark? Right or wrong? These are all but an illusion of duality inside the matrix, yet polar opposites is what makes it possible to see. In the difference, the joy of overcoming, the hope of humanity and the wisdom of experience brings healing to each person.

We all want to experience bliss. We all want to feel good. We want things to be smooth sailing and easy to some extent. It is a natural part of being human. It is that desire to be all that we can be and feel into that too. Of course, sometimes things don’t always work out as we hope and we may face circumstances beyond our control. What then? How can we make things better? How can we change the course of our lives?

I believe it takes courage to be alive and live. It takes courage to love and to share. It takes courage to put yourself out there and connect. The fact that we decided to be born at this time in history, in a world that is dominated by fear, now that to me is the ultimate courage of the greatest kind.

We all have a part to play and even if we don’t know that part… by simply showing up for ourselves in our daily lives is where the miracle of each moment lies. It’s where life can reveal to us what needs to be revealed. We can remember the beauty. We can remember to breathe.

Your life matters so be kind to yourself. Love yourself where you are now. Do what makes your soul dance even if only for a moment. Take time to enjoy the little things. Value each experience as an opportunity to grow and be more of who you are. You are important. You are a blessing. You are Courage.

Love and light,