Keeping it real…


New waves
Bringing it Home
Wisdom to follow

I want to say how much I cherish being able to share and write what I write. I find it interesting to see what comes up as I do this as each post is written in the moment and is giving way for the bigger plan or picture that the Universe has, in helping to co-create this thing called Life.

In being open in this way it opens doors to possibilities that you may not even know were possible. It may have been part of the plan all along but because the mind likes to step in, it may not be able to comprehend the BIGness of what is to come. In knowing this, I try to step out of my own way by stepping away from outcome and stepping into ME.

Then the questions come, who are you really? What is it that is so unique that it makes you, well YOU?

I have learnt to start loving these types of questions as they come up because it happens so often. It seems to be the nature of spirituality and coming to know yourself away from the things in mass consciousness, which tells you that what you are is your money, job or level of status. That is what you see on the surface but there is much in life that is unseen. This is the Power that drives your being and very existence.

I am still taking in and receiving the strong energies that is creating a shift at the moment for so many. Is anyone else feeling it? My priorities are shifting as the shift continues and I continue to evolve with it. It is so valuable, raw and real. With that I have stepped into an opportunity and now writing articles as a contributor for a magazine called Infinity House, balancing that with other commitments which are also important to me. This is all new so I haven’t spent as much time as I normally do in the blogging world. It is teaching me to go with the flow of life so I see it as a gift.

Thank you for reading.

Sending you love and light,


The Potato Couch Syndrome?


There is purpose in the finding…
No corner untouched,
No places unturned,
The beating of the heart
pumps energy to life,
Bringing reasons to live,
Let it be known
the visions it holds.

Do you ever ask yourself what your life is for or why you were put on this planet? Do you ever wonder through the challenges if it will ever get any better? Will it be any different? Will the tide turn again? Will love ever find me?

So many questions left unanswered or are they?

Things are never as they seem and if we examine them closely, there in them lies the truth we have been searching for. If you’re anything like me though, this can lead to more questions but that’s ok. It’s about living the questions. I truly believe that the truths we need to know will always reveal themselves in the moment when we are perfectly ready to accept them into our lives.

I remember hearing Deepak Chopra mentioning in one of his books a few years back about this concept of ‘living the questions.’ When I first heard this, my initial reaction was ‘huh, what the heck is he on about?’ I don’t think this concept started to click with me until last year perhaps. It has helped me to approach my life from a different place and in a state of inquiry and curiosity rather than confusion.

However, for a while I felt out of that state. I was very fortunate though to have a sound healing session from a dear friend of mine on Saturday and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The healing I received from that has carried on throughout the weekend and still is as I write this. I decided to remain as quiet as possible since the session to take in all the energies that I have been receiving and it has put me back in a higher resonance with my body. There is an inner working that IS and always will be love in every form.

Somehow in the paradox of letting go of the need to know the answers, something is occurring and awakening. I feel flickers of excitement and that well, excites me. I am just starting to make connections to things in the last eight years and more for the first time…

It was about eight years ago, to put it bluntly, that the shit hit the fan. And it was a lot of shit. I thought I had gone ass backwards with everything I had worked so hard to achieve but if you ever feel like that in life don’t worry. There is purpose to everything, even shit!! Yes, shit!! When your life goes into what I like to call couch potato mode as a result (or as my friend calls it – potato couch mode – that really is ass backwards!!!), where nothing seems to be happening, the inner working of love is always there. Nothing is ever lost and in the nothing comes everything.

If you are reading this, just know you are a precious child of the Universe. You are so loved and the fact that you are here means something. Always have faith in what IS.

Love and light,