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The Hourglass Effect


Travelling is
the call
of the heart,
Mystery destinations
brought to life
in choices
beyond reason,
Only a call
to trusting insights,
To see with
new eyes
was right
in front of you
all along.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the way I make decisions. Not the kind where you decide what to have for dinner or what colour socks to wear that day (although I can’t say I think about my socks that much). I am talking about the bigger decisions that you know could potentially change your life. Do you turn left or do you turn right?

There is always choice and free will as human beings. Within this I do believe that what is meant to be will be but nothing can take away our free will. The freedom is within us to walk our path in life and to decide what is next even if that means the way we react to circumstances we have no control over.

It has been three months since returning from South America and the trip is still fresh in my mind. I am glad I somehow made it happen. The outcome could have been very different and I couldn’t imagine not have been on such an amazing visit to the beautiful country of Ecuador. This has led me to make a decision to travel again sooner than expected so watch this space!

Like Ecuador, I did not make the decision based on logic or my current circumstances with things like finances. If I did I never would have made it to Ecuador or any of my other journeys. What I did was ask myself that if today was my last day on Earth, what is it that I would like to be doing? Who would I see? Where would I go? What kind of person would I like to be?

We are born into the world with nothing but ourselves and we will leave the same way. However, the one thing that will always live on is our growth and soul evolution. That will stay and send out a ripple effect to the entire cosmos. With this is mind I know that I have made the right decision. I listened to my heart and I am excited. Sure there are challenges and logistics to work out already as I prepare myself for another trip but when you say YES with every fibre of your being the Universe hears you. There is a knowing inside and it is about living that dream in your heart. Your reality is what you wish it to be and you hold the key. This rings true and experience has taught me to believe, to trust and to know that I will be Divinely guided always. Life is supportive. It is ever changing, filled with promises for a new tomorrow.

What are your dreams for 2017? What lives in your heart?

Love and light,

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Footprints of Love


“Before you lies the journey we all must travel. A journey whose length is not as important as the footprints we leave behind for others to follow. A journey that has many paths, and the one that you choose will decide the course your life will take. You can opt for the easy and well-trodden road, or you can venture down one rarely travelled road. Either way, you have the ability to make an impact upon this world, so long as you follow the leanings of your own heart rather than the desires of others. And whichever road you choose to walk, let it show a good and noble person passed this way. One who never sacrificed convictions for a place in the sun or the easy gain, but who kept to the true and right path. And let it also show that you did not count your wealth in riches, but in how many walk this earth with humanity in their hearts, because the footprints you made in this life showed you walked the footsteps of love.”
(Daniel Haughlan)

I love these words and the meaning behind them. It is true that there are many paths to take and so many opportunities in life which are sometimes disguised as endings or difficulties. They are but a mere window into the soul of who we are. They show us the way to a life that really matters, one that honours our very core and a freedom to live by choice. Who we decide to be no matter what circumstances we find ourselves is in fact the choice. I believe we can make a difference with what we have and with where we are. You always have the Power within.

The most important thing I learnt from going down the road less travelled is to always make sure I take myself with me. Wherever you go or end up be sure to let yourself in and take yourself on your own adventure. I used to be afraid of losing myself along the way after I fought so hard to discover who I really am. This is still an ongoing process and one that I’m sure will always continue. The more I live this life, the more I can see and feel in newfound ways. The more I am able to let the light shine and to let others see it too.

When you live from that real place within your heart, life flows. Sure there will be resistance along the way but what you’ll find brings far better reward than what you think you lost. With every loss is a gain if you remain open to your truth. You will meet the greatest love of your life… and that love is YOU.