Springtime Sun

nature-3263198_1920“Winter always turns to spring.”
(Nichiren Daishonin)

This is one of my favourite Buddhist quotes. It reminds me of the realities of human life which we cannot escape. There will always be challenges, some greater than others, but our resolve to win is greater still. It’s what makes the world and the people in it so beautiful.

In the harshest of winters, things can seem so lifeless and so dark as light leaves with no ending in sight. Yet somehow the seasons come around as always, changing as we change, giving each of us a strong reminder to keep going and have hope for a better tomorrow.

Change can come in a variety of different ways and is not always easy. Sometimes when things are reaching breaking point, it is at that precise moment when a breakthrough is about to occur. If we have courage to step into it and move through it, we can learn so much about ourselves and our perspective of our circumstances can then be so different. This was certainly the case when I first heard the above quote. I didn’t believe it at first because I was at my lowest point with my health at the time and it seemed like there would never be a resolution to it or hope that my life would get better but it did.

When I was able to change my heart and really believe things could be different, this is when the miracle occurred and the light could enter again. As Marianne Williamson says, “a miracle is a shift of perception from fear to love.

Be ready and willing for your miracle!!

Lots of love,



Cacao Dreams

Written 3rd Oct 2016:

I am currently on the second part of my trip and spending my last night in Otavalo. I am in love! Otavalo has captured my heart from the places, buildings to the people I have met. It has a traditional earthy feel which makes your soul light up no matter how you are feeling. It has been a magical experience in more ways than one.

Before I arrived to Otavalo I took a detour and went on a chocolate tour (naturally) despite still feeling unwell. Ecuador has been challenging for me with my stomach and the effects of the altitude but every moment I have spent here has been worth it. And I certainly wasn’t missing out on chocolate for anything. I really will do anything for food 🙂

I loved seeing how they make the chocolate, which takes a process of 30 days – from raw cacao to seeing it as chocolate bars and powders. This was supercool and absolutely tasty. I sampled some of the different chocolates as well as being offered chocolate tea and a chocolate brownie. How could a girl resist?!! Seriously the best chocolate brownie EVER!! I am still thinking about it as I am writing this as it was so good. I am hoping to recreate the brownie one day when I get home so friends you better place your orders now otherwise I will eat it all haha.

Upon arriving in Otavalo I made a decision to fast for over 24 hours to give my stomach a break. That took some willpower for me, watching everyone around me eating such great food. 

Fortunately I am eating again (although I am being more careful). I have been blessed with such beautiful surroundings and delicious food at Casa Mojanda where I am staying. It is so nourishing for the soul. There is a lot of love here and Casa Mojanda has become so special to me. It has an energy that simply restores you and connects you to the natural equilibrium of the earth. It is so wonderful, just like that chocolate brownie (yep still thinking about it).

I spent a lovely day today in nature with my crazy new hat which I bought from Otavalo market yesterday. Had to be done! Everybody needs a bit of craziness in their lives sometimes!!!
I felt physically weak but invigorated in all other ways. I hiked around Mojanda lake with my guide and it was spectacular. It was worth keeping going for the views and so peaceful.

After lunch we walked to Taxapamba waterfall. The day just got better and the views even more spectacular. I felt so soothed by the sounds of the waterfall. Simply divine! 

I am so looking forward to the next part of my trip.

Listen to your heart and let it guide you to your Highest Dreams.

May you find your chocolate!

With love from Ecuador, Lisa